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Astrological Counselling:

I'm a Degree qualified counsellor and astrologer, and I combine both modalities in these sessions. The astrological chart will give you insights into motives and behaviours, and can help you understand your ways of being in the world.

We will explore the planets in your chart, and talk over cares, concerns, and issues from an Astrological perspective, with a professional counsellor.

I use the client's astrology chart as a guide and gradually integrate the planetary patterns and astrological insights into sessions.

The astrological natal chart affords an impression of one's personality highlighting behaviours and attitudes. A natal chart is a snapshot of the planets at the time of birth.

Counselling with astrology differs from just an astrology reading.

The counsellor is a qualified therapist, trained listener and will sensitively and compassionately explore natal chart patterns with the client, and help the client to find alternative and more harmonious ways to live.

Psychological astrology combines modern day psychology with traditional astrology. There is no prediction or fortune telling however, at predictable ages we are likely to experience personal crisis which coincides with planetary patterns. Clients often seek therapeutic support at these times.

Carl Jung a Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, had an interest in the art and described astrology as the following:

"The basic meaning of the horoscope is that, by mapping out the positions of the planets and their relations to one another (aspects), together with the distribution of the signs of the zodiac at the cardinal points, it gives a picture first of the psychic and then of the physical constitution of the individual. It represents, in essence, a system of original and fundamental qualities in a person's character, and can therefore be regarded as an equivalent of the individual psyche.".

You will need: To create an astrological chart, you will need to provide me with your exact time and place of birth. If you don't already have this information, it can be obtained from the hospital you were born in.

Couples Therapy

I offer a six session counselling programme combined with insights from the couple's natal charts and relationship charts.


Beginners Astrology

Learn the planets and houses and how to read a basic astrology chart.

We will cover active listening and how to hold a session for your friends and family.

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