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Hot Stone Massage EBook Guide

hot stone massage

We share our secrets from years of practice with you in our eBook guides...

  • Frangipani House Hot Stone Massage Guide eBook

    The ebook will give you Hot Stone Massage Techniques with a Hawaiian focus. In our eBook guide you will discover many of the secrets of Hot Stone Massage. Learn how to heat the stones safely. Learn about the types of stones that are suitable for the massage. This is the guide that we provide with our courses and is designed to compliment in house training.

    hot stone massage ebook guide at frangipani house small stone stones at frangipani house

    The Guide will give you information on;

  • Temperature Control - How to care for the stones - History of the stones
  • Stone layout pictures - Stone Placement - Stone Selection
  • Contra-Indications - Massage Benefits - Pre-cautions to use with the stones
  • How to heat the stones - Re-charging the stones - Cooling stones
  • Massage Sequences for the back and front of the body

    Please note: We send the file via email. It is not available for immediate download.


    Can be made via internet banking - email or text for details.

    Cost: $35

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