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  • Argentine Tango
  • Arts and Health
  • The Bub Hub
  • Self Growth
  • Yoga Web

    Art Therapy - Mandalas

  • Creating Mandalas Susanne Fincher
  • Dr Judith Cornell's Mandala Universe
  • Mandala Oasis

    Bodywork and Massage:

  • Bowen Therapy: Port Macquarie

    Bowen Therapy Holistic Healing - Galina Wardrop

    Hawaiian Massage Training

  • Hawaiian Massage Sessions Training - Frangipani House Port Macquarie NSW Australia
  • Sacred Lomi - Hawaii

    Mental Health Website Links

  • Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Information Services
  • Beyond Blue
  • Black Dog
  • Cancer Support - Sydney Cancer Centre
  • Drug Info
  • Gambling Help Online
  • Help Guide - A practical, unbiased, reliable information for hope and direction. Help guide gives you access to information on mental healthy lifestyles, well being, children, relationships and aging well.
  • Michael Yapko - Better Focus Better Life
  • Sane
  • South Pacific Private Expect a Miracle - treatment centre for Depression & Addiction
  • The Uplift Program Work that can assist everyone's mental health

    Reading Suggestions

  • Change your Thinking - Sarah Edelman
  • Opening the Door of Your Heart - Ajahn Brahm
  • The Intelligent Life - Julian Short
  • People Skills - Robert Bolton
  • The Mindful Way Through Depression - Mark Williams, John Teasdale
  • Creating Optimism - Alicia Fortinberry, Bob Murray
  • Re-inventing Your Life - Jeffrey E. Young, Jane Klosko
  • Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart - How To Love - Gordon Livingstone
  • Eating Drinking Over-thinking - Susan Nolen-Hoeksema
  • Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor Frankl

    In house and online sessions.

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