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Frangipani House

At Frangipani House we offer a range of massage sessions to help you to destress and unwind.

Relaxation Massage is a combination of both traditional Swedish and Hawaiian therapies. Gentle relaxation to soothe and unwind. Included is an energy balance at the end of the massage.

Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing, soothing massage, especially comforting in the winter season.

Traditional Kahuna or Lomi Lomi Massage Bring to mind the Hawaiian Islands, the beautiful people, the beauty of nature, this is the origins of Hawaiian Massage. Lomi Lomi is a very flowing, rhythmic form of massage. The word Lomi Lomi simply means massage and lomi lomi is a unique healing form of massage. The massage originated in the Polynesian Islands and was originally only performed by the master healers.

Lomi Lomi works gently into the muscles of the body by the practitioner using continuous, flowing, wavelike movements over the body mostly primarily using the forearms then secondly the hands. The massage nurtures the body and assists the recipient to relax while being nurtured and cared for. The focus of the practitioner is one of unconditional loving touch.

Massage is a much needed therapy in today's fast paced world.

Time for you to take time out and be nurtured.

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Located 3 minutes from Lighthouse Beach in Port Macquarie NSW Australia - in house and online sessions.

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Frangipani House - we are here to help you along life's journey. Call today for an appointment:0408 792 747