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Creativity - Counselling - Coaching - Mindful Living - Bodywork


Expressive Art-Counselling Session: $120 hour and a half

Counselling / Coaching Fees: Individual: $100 per hour

Relationship Counselling Initial Session Cost:$120 per hour
Relationship Counselling Six Session Program: $500

Pension holders: $50 per hour


The first session is an introduction to counselling-coaching, where you will share what is happening in your relationship, and identify some goals for your relationship. After the initial session, I ask you to commit to attending for 6 sessions. Many couples continue to attend after these sessions over time as a way to care for their relationship. Relationships need support from others, and they need skills, and it takes time to learn new skills and to integrate these new ways of being into your life.


Relaxation Massage : $100 per hour

Massage Training:Kahuna Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Relaxation Massage please contact us for pricing.

Reiki: $60 per hour

Reiki Massage: $80 per hour

Reiki - Counselling: $150 two hours

Reiki Training: $275 Level One or $500 for Level One and Two


Personal Development Workshops:

Avaiable Online or Inhouse.

  • Anger Management Strategies
  • Assertiveness
  • Building Self Compassion
  • Coping With Depression
  • Mastering Your Worries
  • Mindfulness
  • Perfectionism in Perspective
  • Improving Self Esteem
  • Shy No Longer

    My Fee Policy:

    Payment is due when booking the session via internet bank transfer - I will send you my practice and payment information via email. I do not have eftpos or credit card facilities.

    Cancellation fee policy: cancellation up to 24 hours prior: no fee. As it is very difficult to rebook a counselling session at late notice, cancellation within 24 hours or no attendance for the session the full amount is payable.

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