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Energy Healing

At Frangipani House we have been practising energy healing sessions since 1997. It is wonderful way to reduce stress, and helps to create a feeling of deep peace and relaxation. Touch is such an important part of our lives. One of a baby's most important needs is touch, and that need for touch, it is one thing that we never grow out of. How many of us really receive enough unconditional loving touch? I believe this is where energy healing sessions are so helpful in today's society.

Both energy healing sessions and trainings are available.

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Reiki and Counselling Session or Reiki and Mindfulness Sessions:
Quite a few of my clients now combine their sessions, counselling or mindfulness sessions with a Reiki session. Some people have a half hour Reiki with an hour counselling - the amount of time that you choose is up to you.

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It can be helpful for us all to have someone to debrief to every so often. At various times in our lives we journey through challenging times, and it is good self care to have someone focus on you, listen to you, while you talk things over. The compassionate touch of energy healing is a soothing way to finish your session.

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