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Reiki EBook Guide

Energy Healing

At Frangipani House we offer sessions and training in Reiki. Reiki is a beautiful way to relax, and to share the comfort and nurture of touch with one another. Reiki helps us to reduce the levels of tension and stress in our lives. When we do this, and include a good diet, think well, give and receive love in our lives... we give our body it's optimum way to heal itself.

Frangipani House Reiki The Aloha Way eBook Guide

Reiki The eBook shares some of our knowledge of - well of course there's some secrets we only share with students - and how to, practice Reiki in a flowing, loving, prayerful way. The ebook is a beautiful colourful experience, filled with our love of Reiki.

reiki reiki is a hands on therapy reiki

Reiki the Aloha Way is loving touch to help in the healing process. When we think of the Hawaiian Islands, we think of the beaches, the sunny atmosphere, the friendliness of the people and ALOHA. Aloha means to bring love into all that you do, and to share the 'ha' breath - the breath of life. We open the session ha breathwork, prayer and waterfall healing visualisation. Hands on positions are the same as traditional Reiki - then we complete the session with a blessing prayer. When visiting Frangipani House for your Reiki session, mention whether you would like Reiki the Aloha Way or a traditional Reiki session.

Dr Usui was the person who is credited with having started Reiki treatments

In the ebook you will find:

  • The History of Reiki
  • The Chakra System
  • Photos of a Reiki Session in practice - with each of the hand positions
  • How to give a Reiki treatment
  • Reiki Symbols
  • Hawaiian Symbols - How Symbols work
  • Working with Intuition
  • Working with Prayer and Focus in your healing session
  • Where prayer and focus can go wrong and work against your intentions

    reiki reiki is a hands on therapy reiki is a hands on therapy

    Reiki The Aloha Way eBook Price=$35 contact me - click here - to purchase the ebook
    Receiving your eBook:
    We send the eBook to you via email once payment is received.

    Touch is such an important part of our lives. One of a baby's most important needs is touch, and as we grow it is one thing that we never grow out of. Unfortunately, how many of us really receive enough unconditional loving touch? I believe this is where Reiki is so helpful in today's society. Reiki is a form of touch that anyone can use for family, friends or learn it to practice on a professional basis. Frangipani House offers Traditional and Non-Traditional Reiki Treatments and Reiki Training.

    reiki principles

    The Reiki Principles

    A Message from Dr Usui
    "Work on your heart and do things from the quiet space inside of you"
    "If Reiki can be spread throughout the world it will touch the human heart and the morals of society.
    It will be helpful for many people, not only healing disease, but the Earth as a whole"

    mt kurama is said to be where Dr Usui first received reiki reiki symbol temple on mt kurama

    Images above from Mt Kurama, where Dr Usui went into retreat and first developed Reiki.

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